I lost my ID or sign in Password 

Yes, I lost my ID

For Qualia, kindly input either your Qualia ID, Birth day or Mobile/Phone which you used upon registration and click on confirm button. 
Then the partial info your Qualia ID, email and birth date will be shown.


Yes, I lost my password 

For password, kindly input either your Qualia ID or email which you used upon registration and click on confirm button. 
Then kindly click on ‘Get Password-Reset Email’ button and the related email will be sent your e-mail to reset your password. 
This e-mail is valid only 24hours due to the security.


Then the relevant info will be shown and click on Get password reset mail and the related email will be sent your email and you need to check the email and click on URL in the email to set up the new password. This email is valid only 24hours due to the security.


However, if you can’t access to your registered email or can’t remember it, 
you can change the password by confirming account owner via SMS.
If you input your mobile phone no. or it shows your registered number, please click on Get confirm Code.
You need to key in confirm code via SMS and click on Change password.


How do I register on Qualia?

Registration on Qualia is easy and free.  There is a simple form required to fill in before you start purchasing the items. Once you registered as a Qualia member, you are entitled to purchase any items on the site.

If you would like to join us now, please click HERE.  

If you choose to close your Qualia account, here’s how: 

1. Check your Shopping List: Ensure all transactions are completed.

2. Check your Q account: Withdraw any remaining amount in Q account.

3. Kindly click here: I want to close Qoo10 account 

I want to change my address 

In order for you to change your address ,please sign in first then click on [Edit info] located on the top of the main page and go to personal info> address and then click on my address book.

You can put or delete the shipping address in "My address book".

If you double click the address you need to edit, you can see the detailed info and make the edition.

Do not forget to click on change button lastly.


Change the user password 

In order for you to change the password, please log in first and click on [Edit info] located on the top of the main page.

And go to personal info > password and click on change password.

On this page, you can change another personal information too.

 Order Processing

Qualia may, in its sole discretion, choose to not process or to cancel your order in certain circumstances. This may occur, for example, when the product or service you wish to purchase is out of stock or has been mispriced, we suspect the request is fraudulent, or in other circumstances Qualia deems appropriate in its sole discretion. Qualia also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take steps to verify your identity to process your order. Qualia will either not charge you or refund the charges for orders that we do not process or cancel.

 Pricing Information

Qualia strives to provide accurate pricing information regarding the products and services available on the Qualia Sites. We cannot, however, insure against pricing errors. Qualia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to not process or to cancel any orders placed for a product or service whose price was incorrectly posted on the site as a result of an error. If this occurs, Qualia will notify you by email. In addition, Qualia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to correct any error in the stated full retail price.



To determine if your item is eligible for a warranty return, review the paperwork that came with the merchandise or contact Qualia customer service for specific details. In the event that the product purchased experiences defect or failure which maybe would be covered by the product’s manufacturer warranty, please contact Qualia Support and provide your transaction ID and a description of the issue (include photos or video, if applicable). Qualia Support might also ask for additional information such as the product’s serial number, so be sure to have that information available.


Qualia will request for the product to be sent back to a specified return address (which will be provided to you via email). Upon receipt of the defective product, Qualia will make every effort possible to ensure your satisfaction by shipping you a replacement product. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping if a request is submitted after two weeks of receiving the item

Our Hotline +971 4 556 311